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Stress Management: What About Worrying?

Posted on 26 Sep 2016 in General | 0 comments

Have you heard of a worrywart? Is worrying a problem?

I remember hearing one time, that most of what we worry about never happens. Some things we worry about; already have happened and we just haven’t accepted them. We also worry about needless healthcare concerns. Am I going to get the flu? Am I going to develop heart disease? All you can do is eat well, get adequate rest, and engage in a little exercise. The rest is fate. Some things we worry about are petty. That’s the day we don’t like how our hair looks, isn’t that funny, that’s the day we get the most compliments about our hair.

But when we do worry, we need a proven strategy to minimize the damage.

Here are some thoughts:

Write it down. Make a list of your worries. Identify what you are really worried about.

When worries come into your mind, consciously say to yourself, “I’m going to write this down, I’m not going to worry about this now.” Redirect your thoughts and energy and later, review the list when you can actually do something about it.

When you write down your worries, it removes your anxiety from trying to remember. Later, you can turn what would have been anxiety, into energy, and take action.

Get a pencil and a pad of paper. Write down your worries.

Worrying can be destructive to our physical and psychological wellbeing. Worrying can wear us down, along with everyone else around us. Write down your worry, brainstorm solutions with others, take action, and watch worry wash away!

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