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Stress Sucks. It sucks your time, it sucks your energy and it sucks your productivity. Kit Welchlin is experienced in delivering proven strategies to help manage stress and increase productivity.

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Stress Management: How Do You Find Delight In Delays?

Stress Management: How Do You Find Delight In Delays?

Posted on 18 Jan 2017 in S.O.S Video Blog | 0 comments

Is your schedule full and your stress level high? Do you have any time for distractions or delays? When others drop the ball, does it blow your stack? Often we don’t have room in our calendars for disruptions. How can we respond more effectively to delays? When we get stuck in traffic, or the flight […]

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Stress Management: What’s the Big Deal?

Posted on 19 Oct 2016 in S.O.S Video Blog | 0 comments

You’ve heard about this stress management stuff for years. It is important to have a few techniques to use throughout the day to manage the stress. Did you know, in 30 percent of cases, what the first sign of heart disease is? Sudden cardiac death – a heart attack. There are many benefits to managing […]

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Stress Management: What About Watching TV?

Posted on 27 Jul 2016 in General, S.O.S Video Blog | 0 comments

Some people watch television to relieve stress. Watching television may be a remedy to minimize stress, but then, again, it could be a cause of some stress. It may be distracting you to such a point that other tasks and activities are being ignored, which may cause more stress later. I was recently reading a […]

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Stress Management: What Role Do I Play?

Posted on 22 Jun 2016 in General, S.O.S Video Blog | 0 comments

Sometimes we feel unlucky and wonder if the world is really against us. The boss criticized our work. We’re living beyond our means. We’re stressed. So, what role do we play with all of this stuff?   According to the American Psychological Association, the top two sources of stress are job stress and financial pressure. […]

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Stress Management: How About A Smile?

Posted on 20 Apr 2016 in General, S.O.S Video Blog | 0 comments

Has it been stressful at work? Does anyone smiling any more? If not, it may wear you down. Do we smile because we’re happy or are happy because we smile? Will smiling help manage stress? In a recent study, researchers found that smiling, even when it is forced, can ease stress and lower heart rates. […]

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